Traditional Wedding –  This is the full wedding package.  We will begin with an initial consult and learn what you are imagining for your customized ceremony.  I will put togehter a detailed script for your ceremony sharing with you each step along the way. I will work with you as your ceremony concierge to take the worry   away for you. We will do a rehearsal to make sure we are all comfortable with the day. After your love story has been shared, the ceremony is complete and signing of the register is final I will register with province and guide you to retrieve your certificate.
(Prices starting at $500)

Small Wedding Ceremony – In this simple cermony we will declare your intention to be married.  We will share vows(you can provide or you can repeat after me) and a ring exhange can be part of the ceremony.

This is a great small ceremony(under 20) that you can complete if you are planning a destination wedding and want to have all your paperwork in place.

Couples must have a valid marriage license and I will file all documents with the province and guide you to retrieive your certifiacte.
(prices vary depending on location and time, starting at $350)

Elopment – If you want a simple ceremony with the flexibility of timing and where you would like be, this is a great way to go.  We can add vows and ring exchange as you wish to do.

A great option prior to a destination wedding, looking for a friend to ‘marry’ you or need to process your marriage ASAP.

Couples should arrive at the location  with a  marriage certificate and 2 witnesses.(let me know if you don’t have witnesses and I can help)

All documents will be files with the province and I will help you with how to retrieve your certificate.(Prices start at $225, add $35 for each witness)

Custom Ceremony

Are you imagining getting married at the top of a ski hill, in the forest by a your favourite river bed, under water with a scuba ceremony…anything is possible.
Together we can discuss the logistics and safety of your ceremony and plan and making your ceremony a lifetime memory for you and all your guests.

Please reach out with your request no matter how amazing it may be! At heart I am an adventurer and would love to help plan your perfect day!(prices based on details of plan)


As a celebrant of love for all I perform ceremonies inclusive of everyone.
These ceremonies are held in the same manner as all other listed wedding ceremonies.Let’s chat about how to make your wedding the greatest memory of your lifetime.

Vow Renewal/Ceremony Only

Maybe you have been married for years and want to celebrate that love with others, or a significant milestone has come along. This is the perfect way to celebrate and confirm your love for one another. Also a great way to get your legal marriage complete if you are wanting a friend to marry you.

A flexible option to city hall. You can choose the time and date and place. Couple must have their wedding license and 2 witnesses.

Prices begin at $300. Travel charges may be applicable. Wedding ceremony can be customized for additional $100.